We specialize in the supply of various high-precision machines for metal processing: lathes, sheet bending, centerless grinding machines and many others.

Machine is mainly used for machining heavy duty shaft, disc and other rotary parts, which is indispensable machining equipment for large scale motor, generator spindle and all kinds of rotor.

CNC horizontal lathe

This series of machine are suitable for finishing turning of large rotary parts. It can complete internal and external cylindrical surface, internal and external conical surface, end face, grooving, metric inch thread and rotary curved surface and other turning processes. And it can complete the milling, grinding, drilling and other processes of complex parts by means of optional function.

CNC Double Column Vertical Lathe

The machine is suitable for high precision, high efficiency precision machining of complex rotary parts in bearing, wind power, shipping and other mechanical processing industries, and can complete the turning, milling, grinding, drilling and other multi-procedure machining of complex parts through one clamping. This machine is a kind of high efficiency, high precision, high reliability, high automation compound machining center.

Vertical turning milling grinding compound machining center

Feed Mechanism: With the grinding characteristics of centerless grinder, this machine adopts fixed arm design, which effectively solves the difficulty of processing long bars.

For long bars of the same diameter, the user does not need to adjust the position of the material stand at the same time as in conventional equipment, but only needs to command the feeding of the grinding wheel and adjusting wheel based on the CNC system.

Centerless grinder

Circular grinding machine with manual, electric, hydraulic control. Used for grinding cylindrical and conical workpieces. It is most suitable for piece and batch production. The external grinding wheel, workpiece rotation, oil pump and machine cooling pump are driven by independent motors.

Circular grinding machine

This CNC machine is a high-performance, high-precision sheet metal bending equipment that integrates numerical control, hydraulic and servo technology. It is mainly used for bending and forming sheet metal material. The machine has high production efficiency and is an ideal equipment for bending and forming metal sheets.

CNC bending machine

This year, our company has successfully delivered a complete steel grating welding production line, the whole line includes: main welding machine, metal carrier strip feeding mechanism, twisted bonding bar feeding mechanism, servo pushing mechanism, pushing mechanism, rack lifting platform, roller assembly, hydraulic system, electrical control system, water cooling system, water pressure, device alarm, etc.

Automatic grating welding line

This is an efficient and high-tech solution for cross-cutting of coiled metal into sheets. The technology of transverse cutting of rolled steel into sheets places special demands on the equipment. Cross-cutting units for rolled metal into sheets are the optimal solution for those who want to get high-quality products using modern technological equipment using high-precision straightening and feeding machines.

The units for transverse cutting of rolled steel into sheets are controlled by modern electronic systems of various modifications, which ensure high accuracy of cutting and straightening the sheet. Having studied the individual requirements of the Customer for the equipment for transverse cutting of metal into sheets, the specialists of our company will offer the best.

Automatic lines for transverse cutting of rolled metal into sheets

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