Steel rolling equipment


We have been committed to the technical development and research of complete sets of rolling equipment for a long time, and have formed independent research and development technology and production capacity in the fields of long products, plates, and plate and strip finishing production line equipment. There are various types of production line equipment for rebar, round steel, wire rod, H steel, profiles, etc., and the products cover the whole line of process equipment of the production line

Steel rolling equipment

The foil rolling mill rolls the strip into the coils of cold-rolled metal of various characteristics with the required thickness and surface roughness in several rolling passes at normal temperature.

The rolling mill is able to roll any metal, especially very hard ones:

Carbon steel - automotive sheet, raw material for making tinplate;

Low carbon steel - advanced processing and special products of advanced processing;

Stainless steel - austenitic, martensitic and ferritic;

Silicon steel - non-oriented and oriented;

High carbon steel - used to make blades, saws, etc.;

Sendimer rolling mill

We can design and produce 114, 180 and 250 two-roll, 366 and 460 three-roll continuous rolling tube mills according to user needs.

Process flow of continuous rolling mill unit

1. Cold rolled work roll

2. Cold rolling intermediate roll

3. Tempering work rolls for cold and hot rolling

4. Cold and hot rolled backup rolls

5. Non-ferrous metal cold rolling rolls

The maximum diameter of the forged steel cold rolling work roll is 1200mm and the maximum weight is 60 tons; the maximum diameter of the forged steel hot rolling roll is 1600mm and the maximum weight is 75 tons; the maximum diameter of the forged steel support roll is 2000mm and the maximum weight is 75 tons.

Auxiliary equipment - rolling rolls

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